Where are the peace stories?

It was an honour to meet Michael Morpurgo, author of “War Horse.” He affirmed a peace message I found to be much stronger than that which was represented on the stage. I look forward to reading the YA novel, which I hadn’t known is written from the horse’s perspective.
There was a Q&A after his talk at the Princess of Wales Theatre. I asked for his thoughts on why there are so few strong peace narratives for adults. He shared about how we are drawn to the dark stories, and cited Paradise Lost. He also shared about the difficulty of talking about the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and of inheriting struggles. His most recent book takes place near the dividing line. I understand he wrote it after his trip to Gaza.
I am sorry I was unable to go to Gaza in 2010. Our group in the West Bank was able to teleconference with the Gaza peace group that was working on a parallel project to the one we were learning about. I am sorry I have not been bolder in voicing the injustices I witnessed in that travel. It was heartening to have someone like Michael thank me for asking a difficult question and say he hoped we meet again. I hope so too.



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