Dogs Silly 2b (Tie)

May 11, 2013

Dogs Silly 2a (Thor)

May 11, 2013

Dogs are a bit silly Part I

May 11, 2013

Seeing Cornell’s Great Blue Heron’s eggs

May 4, 2013

There’s something so deeply amazing about being able to get a live video feed from the nest. We watched the edge of a wing for hours, leaving it on as we went about our day last week. Hearing the surrounding birds, watching her feathers ruffle in the wind. Then, she adjusted, and these gems were revealed. Dave called me in from the other room, “You can see the eggs!”
I’ll never forget when I first watched the San Diego Zoo Pandacam in a widget app that also let you see giraffes, polar bears and monkeys. To be able to see animals moving was like leaving the city–certainly leaving my desk at least! I saw the polar bear jump in the water once. Take two big strokes across its pool. His blubbery skin followed him–
you could feel what it was like to be a bear. I imagined myself an animal, swimming. Transported.

Test-post by email

May 2, 2013

I’m sad posterous is now defunct, but I’m glad I’ve had simultaneous posting to WordPress so I didn’t have to transfer any data. Now to check whether this posts to FB at the same time…Ah bloggery.

Did you know about Canada’s bilateral treaty signed with Benin in February?

April 24, 2013
I had no idea. And this is NOT a partisan issue. Wow. Let’s wake up. Blatant erosion of democracy.  
Begin forwarded message:

From: <>
Date: April 23, 2013 11:41:54 AM EDT
To: Jaya K B
Subject: RE: Vote to stop the extreme Canada-China FIPA

Thank you for your interest in the Canada-China Investment Treaty. Since last fall I have received nearly 100,000 letters and emails about this important issue. If you have previously contacted me about this issue, I encourage you to keep pushing back against this agreement. 

Although Stephen Harper prefers to keep Canadians in the dark about this Agreement’s grave implications for our sovereignty, security, and democracy, I am hopeful that we can force the issue into daylight. Your letter proves that you recognize the seriousness and urgency of what is about to take place behind our backs. 

While the Canada-China Investment Treaty will likely be our most significant treaty since NAFTA, Stephen Harper can ratify the law at any time, without any public consultation, any consultation with First Nations, any Parliamentary debate, or even a single vote in the House of Commons. I do not accept such blatant disrespect for either the will of Canadians or for our democratic institutions. 

Sadly, in addition to the anti-democratic process to approve this Agreement, it is the actual content of this investment deal with which I am most concerned. For the first time in Canadian history, the Canada-China Investment Treaty will allow investors (including Chinese state-owned enterprises such as CNOOC or Sinopec), to claim damages against the Canadian government in secret, for decisions taken at the municipal, provincial, territorial or federal level that result in a reduction of their expectation of profits. Even decisions of Canadian courts can give rise to damages. 

Recently, Canada signed a trade agreement with Benin that has afforded Benin a fair agreement. In February, a bilateral treaty was signed with the African country. In this treaty, Benin was able to negotiate better terms, with more protection, than what Canada negotiated with China. I brought this concern to the House of Commons and asked the government why Canada was not able to negotiate as good a deal as Benin was. You can see my question here: 

Realizing what the Conservatives were attempting to do, in secret and without debate, and realizing that we will be bound by this destructive Agreement for up to 31 years once it is ratified, I made a request in the House of Commons on two occasions for an Emergency Debate to allow Canada’s democratically elected Members of Parliament to study the implications of the Canada-China Investment Treaty. 

Although both of my requests for an Emergency Debate were regrettably denied, we have not given up and are continuing to pursue all available options to stop the treaty’s approval. Given what is at stake, we hope that you will join us. 

In addition to the tools found on our Canada-China Investment Treaty campaign site at, I urge you to push back against this sell-out of our sovereignty, security, and democracy, and help to educate Canadians by talking to your friends and neighbours, writing letters to the editor in local and national newspapers, calling in to talk radio shows, and filling up the comment boards of news website.  

Crucially, this is not a partisan issue, and it is only by coming together to stand up for Canada that we will succeed in stopping this agreement. 


Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.
Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands
Leader of the Green Party of Canada 

Our digglers have given up on begging for walks from me on a nice day

April 18, 2013

The family that PREYS together stays together

March 5, 2013


January 1, 2013
It's 2:40AM January 1, 2013 and I am thinking DREAM BIG! is my motto for this year. Part of this is the reminder that small moves bring us closer to bigger ideals. I abandoned this blog because I wanted to be writing bigger, but it was just the right bite-sized smudges of enthusiasm that I can still afford. I love having a spot to store my favourite Movement documents. Most recently (as in, 5 minutes ago) I finished watching "Mirror, Mirror" and before I delve into a new obsession with Tarsem Singh (!!) or Eiko Ishioka (who did the costumes, and to whom the film is dedicated, as he passed on in January 2012 before the film was released) I merely wanted to record my jubilance about the Amélie camera-winking. The complicity of a female heroine with cute cropped bangs and a big heart. That is all.


Walking the Humber during salmon spawn

October 6, 2012
Half a dozen fishermen out this aft, these two got a 25 pounder and put its roe in a ziploc for bait. Did you know that? Fifteen minute walk from Old Mill Station