Learning in the wild – night out sans kiddos!

Tuesday I went for dinner. I know, I know—can that really be allowed? But there are a few unusual aspects for me: it was an adult dinner.That is to say, neither of our daughters were present. We could make eye contact! We had conversation that sustained a given topic for more than 2 minutes! We thought about our past together—we have been friends for 28 or 13 years, depending whether you include the birthday party we attended at age 5 together—and we considered the near and far future (financial, and cupcakes, not necessarily in that order). It was an event that was particularly unique for me because I had been away from Johanna (9 months old now) since 4pm when my husband picked her up from me and I had a work date with Fernanda, from class. I downloaded and “played” (?) Second Life, which also had a physical experience for me.

We ate at Kenton Ramen on Bloor St and they welcome you with loud shouts. I was tempted to put my cell phone on the table, but my friend is a self-proclaimed Luddite and I knew it would lead to distraction. Herein lies the dilemma—do I document the experience, to validate it as an assignment for the course on Educational Technology, or do I sink deeper in my experience of presence, unadulterated by parental obligations? I chose the latter, and in doing so also affirmed the understanding of presence that is so central to aboriginal ways of knowing. Is the oral tradition made more important by being recorded (whether digitally, or analogue)? How do we honour those in-person meetings that are undocumented? One way is to make a gift, to bring an offering. I picked up the tab.

In the end, the world in which we live intruded upon the sacred silence of the undocumented meeting (amid the hubbub of yelling cooks and techno music). My friend finished her ramen soup, and so a Galaxy tablet was brought to the table and she was asked for her photograph. She then had to enter her name and mine, and instantly it was Facebooked, Instagrammed, and tweeted to 10.2K followers @KintonRamen #noodle #foodporn




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