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Use PREZI. It’s bendy.

February 19, 2014
Prezi is like PowerPoint but bendy. Yes, bendy. In general, your “slideshow” template is anchored to one core image, and you zoom in and out of it to do your presentation or story. My step-sister-in-law used it frequently to present non-linear narratives when she was doing African Studies and she told me about it but I only just tried it out Tuesday morning. It’s fun! It’s much more conducive to using a circle-approach, and the overall sense is of wholeness instead of a hierarchical list/heading-and-bullets.
I made this one in literally 15 minutes, and in that time I watched a 3-minute tutorial on moving the image I imported. I encourage you to just try making one, so you have a sense of how it works, and then it’ll be easier to use it for your next project!
You could use it in the classroom for a student brainstorm, and record it in a beautiful way (elementary), or ask students to use it to present a book report (a photo to represent the theme, and use a video or song for one of the points) or research (secondary).
Don’t worry– the $13/month business package is NOT required, you can keep using the free version forever, but you must create a login. Please let me know if you make one!