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Oh you wanted more details?

July 8, 2013

We were lying down for a nap, Johanna having had a good long feed. She was pretty gulpy so I thought I’d give her a little walk through the house for her burp, or possibly some spitup (never far from the thought Jean Liedloff planted in my brain that burps and spitups are from the anxiety in our society #unfitmothersyndrome). I was impressed with myself for finally feeling like I could anticipate when she’d taken in air, even though it’s less obvious than it was early on (before, I could tell because she had a loose latch and took in air from her mouth–it was loud. Now her gulpy feeds are quieter but with deeper kinda wheezy breaths through her nose, and her belly moves more). I got up, holding her to my chest, and not two steps from the bed, a fountain erupted from her babyface. Soaked my torso completely, from shoulder to knee. She didn’t seem upset by it, and I was just sorta stunned. I’d suspected it was going to be large just before it surfaced, and managed to step off the rug onto the wood floor. I was right in front of the full length mirror so I had an immediate full length view. A few choice selfies later, we cleaned up and resumed feeding, napping and, evidently, blogging. All in a day’s work.



I was preparing to compose a confident tweet in which I declare Week 7 to be the Week In Which You Can Anticipate Your Baby’s Spitups

July 8, 2013

And then the level of Babyvom went up so many “notches” as to be in an altogether new category. Perhaps “Poltergeist”. Srsly. I believe my prodigious daughter just puked her own volume. With gusto. As you can see, she’s entirely unperturbed by it.
Besides her placid attitude, there is another up-side: nothing less could have gotten me to change out of these 4-days-running stretch pants. Tragic.