Martha Steward stage? Age?

I have to say I'm simply SHOCKED at how many people are sharing "25 Ideas to Make Life Easier." Seriously. Seriously? Yes, of course it's hella clever (I suppose that should be "clevah"?) to rub a walnut on your scuffed furniture but…since when did we care about scuffed furniture? And I'm looking at you here, my brother, who is four years my junior and well-known in the Toronto battle rap community. But not just you–how did this become meme-like in its omnipresence? Are we all going to be travelling with our shoes tucked in a shower cap? I guess I'm incredulous that there seems to be something synchronized in our home-making. We're all making house, nesting, cozying down for winter and the winter years? Nay. These clever domestic tricks to finish, furnish and polish our lives are illustrated with just the right almost-perplexing photos (what's the ipod doing in a bowl? what's special about those purple wet-wipes?) to intrigue us and engage us in what I am sure are the Martha Stewart Years. Bring on the DIY.



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