accessible choreo

I am home sick but watching "Weeds" (obsessively re-watching the entire series, because I started in the middle so it makes more sense the second time around).

Season 5 Episode 1 ("Wonderful Wonderful") ends with a flash mob in a strip mall. I'm intrigued by popular choregraphy, stuff that looks so easy (like most one-shot charlie memes) or something more polished and conceptual like 1234 (choreo: Noemie LaFrance's, dir: Patrick Daughters for Feist).

Then there's flash mob choreography made public by dance groups, even the National Ballet School: Lenny Len or Courtnae Bowman how-tos, and Courtnae's finished product.

Have you participated in a flash mob? What made it easy/difficult to jump into? I'm especially interested in stuff that doesn't require dance training.

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