Big organ


On Tuesday I graduated from Queen’s for the third time. That’s my ma
and pa being all proud (and having a day off work and retirement,
respectively) near the massive organ. I could see Dad’s face getting
red as it began to play. That and the peeps (that’s his fake Scottish
accent, for bagpipes), which he is a huge sucker for. The highlight
(besides seeing Daphna and her Rivka!!) was the honorary doctoral
recipient Janina Fialkowska’s heartfelt emphasis on kindness as being
of utmost import. Waaaaaay better than my BA hon. doct. speech from
Isabel Bader who, despite an amazing career and life story (love
affair ongoing with Alfred Bader, who donated a castle in England,
where I did my first year of uni, to Queen’s), decided to talk about
the importance of getting the oil out of the oil sands. Ugh. Isabel,
blatant stock-holder much? Saddest flattening of morale ever. Plus
Janina’s story also came with a very funny story about a surgeon
coming to her show and thanking her profusely for the service of her
music–he hadn’t slept in 3 months and konked out right through her


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