more of the amazing interview

From 11:09

I've never interviewed anyone who's quite as animated when speaking as you are. Do you ever worry you're going to burn out?

Well, I'm going to die, so yes

We're all going to die

Yes we're all going to die –so yes I do worry

I was just looking at this Oliver Stone remark that you're burning with a very very high flame and will you be able to keep it up?

I don't think that's something I can necessarily control I mean if I speak a little more meekly and balance this on my lap I still think the spectre of death will loom, the icy hand will still land upon my shoulder, perhaps you know a couple of hours later but you know i don't want to get all Kerouac about it but it's quite good to blaze about 

But do you think this could–that you continue at this level?

I hope not because I'm utterly bored of it! 

Are you?

I want to ascend. Yeah I don't want to be here for much longer–not towards you, you're lovely and fantastic and it's a thrill to talk to you but I don't want to dwell here with such trivial things for very much longer 

You mean you seek death?! No you don't–

Not death, but between now and death it would be everso nice I think if I were able to achieve something that was be truly valuable, some evocation of beauty and togetherness some exposure of the illusion of separation and some connection between people. Perhaps use this energy for something better than 

Something more worth while

One would hope–that's my deepest wish

Do you have any intimation of what it might be?

Yes. We are making this documentary currently about, on the subject, of fame and consumerism and the way that we're sold these ideas and these narratives and the way they keep us dumb and the way that I myself was seduced by it growing up in Essex and thought "Ah yes I want to be famous" and now I am famous and what does it mean–ashes in my mouth–so I want to communicate this idea to people that are aspiring to it, culturally, specifically wanting to become famous but also similarly through the purchase of endless brands, the purchase of different ideas, Kerry Katona of Iceland you know I momentarily sort of thought Kerry Katona it doesn't matter how much negative publicity she attracts she will still–Iceland will still use her because of the familiarity it's still appealing it's still attractive but, and I'm above that culturally because I'm you know I'm above Heat magazine I've read a few books but like y'know if Robert if there was two aftershaves on a shelf but one of them's got Robert Downey Junior's face on it, that might be an appealing aspect to me, so I would like to somehow expose, in myself and explore within myself and culturally the possibility of us aspiring to greater things. Someone told me once that all desire is the desire to be at one with God in substitute form. So perhaps we can draw attention, not to the shadow on the wall but to the source of light itself


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