Sucker Punch consumption

From Zack Snyder interview on Film School Rejects on the sexiness of Sucker Punch:

Yeah, it’s like a guilty-pleasure.

100%. As long as you’re self-aware about it, then you’re okay.

Hmm. I really enjoyed Sucker Punch, and I think it was doing a lot of valid things, but I am not willing to say that exploitative titillating images should go unchecked as long as you're "self-aware." Don't we have a greater obligation? I am really curious about the postures of pop consumption. Have they been classified? In the interview Zack seems to be describing a "Hater Fan Boy" posture, and a "self-aware" posture…but aren't there so many others? Is it in the film/product, or in the viewer, to move to the next…reaction? There's at least "unquestioning guilty pleasure" and "self-aware guilty pleasure" and maybe "ironic enjoyment" posture…maybe the diversity of postures is qualified by what you do next.



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