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Sucker Punch consumption

July 26, 2011

From Zack Snyder interview on Film School Rejects on the sexiness of Sucker Punch:

Yeah, it’s like a guilty-pleasure.

100%. As long as you’re self-aware about it, then you’re okay.

Hmm. I really enjoyed Sucker Punch, and I think it was doing a lot of valid things, but I am not willing to say that exploitative titillating images should go unchecked as long as you're "self-aware." Don't we have a greater obligation? I am really curious about the postures of pop consumption. Have they been classified? In the interview Zack seems to be describing a "Hater Fan Boy" posture, and a "self-aware" posture…but aren't there so many others? Is it in the film/product, or in the viewer, to move to the next…reaction? There's at least "unquestioning guilty pleasure" and "self-aware guilty pleasure" and maybe "ironic enjoyment" posture…maybe the diversity of postures is qualified by what you do next.



gravy train

July 25, 2011
J'aime cette rant (the comment):

Article Title: Mayor Ford invites residents to tell him what to keep, cut
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You know all this gravy train stuff in the city makes my blood boil. I am an accountant and I have worked in the public sector, the private sector and for various non-profits. By far and way the major inefficiencies I have seen have been in the private sector. I have watched companies gouge the consumers on a grand scale all the while taking as many tax breaks and tax credits they could get their hands on. I have watched senior execs refuse safe equipment to employees but then spend 10 times as much on an exec trip to the Bahamas. We have all watched the bankers pay themselves huge bonuses as they took the entire world into a massive recession with their greed and deregulation. Just the facts. Why on earth should anyone trust the private sector to run anything efficiently. Do you really think that private garbage collectors will be cheaper in the long run? When they have invested in the equipment etc and they have no competition the board room/shareholders will tell them to get those prices up. The difference is that the money will be in the hands of the owners and not the workers. That is what this battle is really about. There are certain classes who hate sharing the wealth. They want it all and it drives them nuts to see working class people earning money. Be honest – you don't think they should have perks, pensions or disposable income. That is for you. It is just the same with everything else. Think about it. The real threat is equality. You don't care about the bosses lolling around at the golf course but dare a few city workers take a break and all hell breaks loose. A city housing group spend a few thousand on a christmas party and everyone goes wild but what about the amount of champagne certain bankers and investors sprayed all of over the place when they were bailed out. And yes Canadian banks were bailed out. The facts are all there.

show me in pictures

July 13, 2011
My dear friend Jia has started this blog about Monitoring and Evaluation and now every time I look at a map or pie graph I think "what is this showing me? how is this useful?" but also, very much "is this nice to look at?" Like this one:

I'm not sure it's terribly useful for actual numbers, but wow. You can see how flickr users concentrate in tight little snakes across London–does that mean that photography types (as opposed to the Twitter types, marked in blue and much more spread out) tend to like the people-watching of main streets? Hmm. The pictures do speak.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that buying a Buddha at Shopper’s Drug Mart comes with cocaine on the nose

July 6, 2011