how to get people to watch your dance company’s show

I'm not saying this is an A+ video, but there are a few things that it does which are really, really terrific. 

a) It's watchable
And I mean that as in, it's not four hours. Videos of live dance performances are…sad. They never capture the experience of watching a live performance, and you get more "feel" for the framing of the stage than the action on it (granted, there are some really talented artists who do film live performances, but they are professional, and that is not within reach for your average dance studio or even small company)
b) It's watchable
By showing (a teensy bit of) EVERY ACT, you get a sense of the overall show–even a sense of the Alice in Wonderland theme as it's developed over each class' piece
c) It's watchable
It uses the medium. A stationary camera is a dead machine–and it kills the movement on the stage. By cutting from act to act, the energy stays up, multiple camera angles are used, and the one-song (instead of a dozen or more) creates a sort of narrative for the entire thing. Win.
d) It's watchable
It features highlights–the "ooh" "aah" moments that even someone that has little or no connection to dance can be impressed by

I haven't seen a company's entire presentation put together like this before–it's really smart. No black-outs between acts, no shuffling in the theatre, nobody crossing the shot or clapping their hands above their heads (heck, no clapping at all! what a relief!). No, it doesn't indulge each individual parent's need to see their Little Darling *featured *–but that is another editing exercise, usually for an audience of one or two (up to six with grandparents?). 
Editing a video like this is smart because it is watchable. If I were in a dance performance at this company, I think I'd share this video readily–it's something to be proud of, and it's not too long (compared to a video of the entire performance). Perhaps small companies would want to supplement the company vimeo stream with individual vids of each act, but if you were going to watch one video of the company, this would be the one to watch! 

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