Reasons this is a bad ad

1. The small writing says “the black toilet paper company.” I’m sorry, but there are personal health reasons toilet paper is white (or at least light enough to contrast with that which it purports to clean). I know this is probably not actually a toilet paper co. (or maybe it is) but it gives me a graphic yuck feeling
2. The yuck feeling is opposite to “sexiest paper on earth,” which was what made me read the ad in the first place
3. Wait…maybe this is a fabulous ad. It has intrigued, confused, and offended me. And I am probably going to go to their website, which is exactly what an ad should make you want to do
4. This entry should be retitled “A Two Minute Master Class in Messing With Consumers’ Minds (and making them want more)”
5. Wow. Our culture of desire is so deeply curious.



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