James Lonely

Toronto Life did a decent long article about CPTer James Loney’s kidnapping for 118 days in Iraq. Tom Fox was also captive and then murdered. I met with some Friends from Tom’s home Meeting several years ago not long afterwards. They talked about the effect of being held in the spotlight, of how to represent complex topics in a soundbyte. Although I have misty eyes after reading Gerald Hannon’s article, I can’t help feeling that reduction: one of the messages one can take away is that James is lonely, that his “dramaqueen” idealism stems in part from being an outsider and wanting to be included. Of course, I am committing the same crime: there was much beauty in the article ( http://www.torontolife.com/daily/informer/from-print-edition-informer/2011/03… ) but…I guess I just can’t shake the feeling that we elevate do- gooders beyond reach, keeping their stories from being accessible, real or relevant. I want James’ example to connect to our common understandings, our common heart.

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