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Three bookshelves for “sale”

March 31, 2011
Really any reasonable offer. They’re Ikea and in good condition. I’m reasonable 🙂 see comments for link to Craig’s list link


Pardon brevity of message. Sent from device with tiny keys.


FYI c’est une bonne journée

March 22, 2011
Le Petit Prince is available online

Can action scenes espouse nonviolence?

March 4, 2011
I like action films, in a way. I don’t love gore, but some action
films really are a conversation about dance–more than they are a
conversation about violence? In watching this Buffy/Edward mashup I
really enjoy how she just turns away from all his creepy stalker-love
moves. Something about that seems…Zen to me? Not being pulled into a
conversation of mounting desire, but instead holding to the imperative
to diffuse…a “cold shower” as it were. What thinks thee?