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Awkward –> Wonderment

October 17, 2009

David Ng, editor of The Science Creative Quarterly, perfectly articulates how being somewhere that you are uncomfortable or awkward can also open you up to the possibility of cross-disciplinary engagement. This is what I would call Wonderment. For years (thanks to Justin Sully’s continual challenges) I tried to find an articulation of how to cross-over in understanding. Can a woman *really * understand a man? Can a Christian *really * understand a Jew? Is true and real communication, at the very heart of Difference (if you believe in such things) possible? If so, then under what circumstances? When you put aside your assumptions, when you get ready to love. But is that asking too much? When I know someone’s fundamental beliefs are oppositional to mine, how can we come to the same table? How can we really see or know one another? For me, Wonderment has been a great tool. I think it is the step after awkwardness, but in which awkwardness plays a key role, destabilizing and readying for difference, but not in an aggressive way.