City Distraction online

I’ve been bemoaning the distractions of living in the city, but if I’m honest it all starts online–the thousand directions of interest one can follow: learning my friend Pandora from Junior High is program coordinator at Banff,  her Twitter refers to this Bitch article about Mad Men, which in turn refers to this Jezebel article. Pandora’s friend Brent Kearney referred in this Tweet to Scrivener and this article. He also referred to university education at $99/month from this article. Yowza.

What are we to do with this pinning together of minutiae? This collecting of details? It looks central to this year’s Venice Biennale–externalizing the product of all these distractions. Trying to make something whole out of bits of things in every internet gutter. But you follow your own nose–each of these things adds a small detail of understanding to a picture I feel I’ve been trying to put together. What is the big picture and when can I stop collecting, and instead make a new thing? Move on.

Oh yes, and there’s redhead day.


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