C’mon, woman, FEEL something

I was talking with my friend over dinner tonight (as a football game, and then a soccer game, played on the TV over his head) about my sad inability to enjoy televised sports. I have taken the self-righteous defence (“Sports are the [other] opiate of the masses!”) and the ignorant defence (“I honestly don’t know where to look on the screen”) but the fact remains that I don’t relate to sports I have never experienced. I may have swung a bat or kicked a ball, but I don’t know that I have ever truly had in my body a real sense of a sport. When I braved soccer this year with the most loving and supportive team-members a kick-incompetent could hope for I felt constantly out of sorts: where am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to be watching? Should I block or call for back up or (see? Even the questions I’m asking should indicate to you the vastness of my ignorance)…? It was like I couldn’t just be In The Moment. I always had the feeling I should be somewhere else doing something else. And that Something Else was obvious to everyone but me. I crave sports-Zen, that feeling of presence in the body. I have known it in swing dancing and modern dance and Tai Chi and yoga. But never sports. And so, the video above, which Sweet Charlie says inspired him to learn more about video editing, leaves me cold. Am I even human?


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