Mind Hacking

So my last post explained how following celebs on Twitter is not just about wanting to know what they ate for breakfast. You can learn about their relationships, and what they care about. In an ideal case, this inspires us to engage our own passions. It also makes it easier to Mind Hack. Charlie Hoehn’s vlog describes how to use Delicious to Mind Hack (essentially find out the MO of) the people you want to work with in the industry of your choice. The example Charlie gives is figuring out Ramit Sethi’s (author of best seller “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and blog of the same name) marketing strategy through his delicious account. So basically it’s some internet stalking with a not-too-creepy objective. Nonetheless, it may be a relief to those who don’t use such tools as delicious, that this information is not as readily available to all.


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