Celeb tweeters

I’m sort of intrigued by celebrities that share details of their daily lives and interests with the public. Some have their publicists do this “menial task,” but authenticity is the highest currency, thus the popularity of such tweeters as Ashton Kutcher, Demi MooreLance Armstrong, George StromboulopoulosWil Wheaton and Tony Hawk to name a few. Conan O’Brien suggests here that Twitter only feeds the public’s (and his, in the spoof) need to know what Said Celeb is eating for breakfast. But besides the humanizing effect of minutiae, knowing that celebrities have interests other than what’s projected by tabloids allows that person to speak for themselves. “What canst THOU say?” Maybe Bigstar McFamous’ real passion is for something besides what first gave them the limelight.

Yes, this also bolsters the public’s suspicion that famous people don’t actually love their Big Famous Lives, and would rather be Normal, thus reinforcing the merit of Our Normal Lives, but that’s another blog post altogether.

Following someone like Lance Armstrong, whose noble causes have millions wearing yellow bands around their wrists, allows you to see the interpersonal relations that support his work. When 6 year-old Pablo Castelaz passed away in June, Lance sent his wishes out to their parents, who are friends of his, from the Tour de France. This affirmation of Lance’s emotional connection to real families that have been affected by cancer makes his devotion to the cause not merely in self-interest or even pure altruism, but something that’s connected to many elements of his life and experience.


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