No pics, but letters

Friends, I have been struggling to find the right tone for this blog. It is usually my blog about movement, about dance and the way we understand each other and communicate messages through it, but now it’s about my trip to the Middle East. I thought this transition would be like an intermission: I would write about travel, and then resume talking about movement. But this does not sit well with me. Part of me hates the “reporting” way of blogs–to whom am I speaking? My best friend? My mom? Those who are curious about what I’m up to? Each one seems to glean a different voice, and the lack of specificity means…well, it’s become annoying to me. So I hope to share with you some letters. The one below is to my Support Committee. This is an amazing group of 6 people who met with me every month from December to June when I was living in Barnesville, Ohio working at Olney Friends School. I asked for their help in finding clearness about my application to begin a facilitatorship for an FGC-sponsored anti-racism project related to the publication of “Fit For Freedom, Not For Friendship: Quakers, African Americans and the Myth of Racial Justice”. After being clear to apply, and doing the training, they offered to continue to support me in my work and discernment. This was one of the most heart-warming and rich experiences of my life. Their words to me and our time together continue to feed my life, mind and faith. I sure hope it’s okay with them that I share the letter 🙂

And about my next post containing photos. Sorry!


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