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C’mon, woman, FEEL something

August 30, 2009

I was talking with my friend over dinner tonight (as a football game, and then a soccer game, played on the TV over his head) about my sad inability to enjoy televised sports. I have taken the self-righteous defence (“Sports are the [other] opiate of the masses!”) and the ignorant defence (“I honestly don’t know where to look on the screen”) but the fact remains that I don’t relate to sports I have never experienced. I may have swung a bat or kicked a ball, but I don’t know that I have ever truly had in my body a real sense of a sport. When I braved soccer this year with the most loving and supportive team-members a kick-incompetent could hope for I felt constantly out of sorts: where am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to be watching? Should I block or call for back up or (see? Even the questions I’m asking should indicate to you the vastness of my ignorance)…? It was like I couldn’t just be In The Moment. I always had the feeling I should be somewhere else doing something else. And that Something Else was obvious to everyone but me. I crave sports-Zen, that feeling of presence in the body. I have known it in swing dancing and modern dance and Tai Chi and yoga. But never sports. And so, the video above, which Sweet Charlie says inspired him to learn more about video editing, leaves me cold. Am I even human?


Stop Supporting Rape Culture

August 30, 2009

IMG_0646 (2), originally uploaded by IHTSBIH.

I got a bit excited that “The Recession-Proof Graduate” is ushering in a new entrepreneurial movement, and I started to poke around about Charlie Hoehn’s charmed life. If someone can be so insightful and methodical about pursuing the Dream Job…what is that job? Turns out part of it includes touring with the movie “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” to 31 cities (including Toronto, incidentally). The show is sold out. I can only assume that’s in part because of Charlie’s successful marketing proposals. Who knows. But here I am, trying to get inspired about job-hunting, just returned from the Middle East and feeling like, “Hmm, are Western values objectionable? Are they dominant/omnipresent? Do we have a culture that is respectful to women? What societal structures exist to make it easier to live a noble loving life?” Then I find a brilliant and creative person doing inspiring work, encouraging his fellow man to reach for the stars, to strive for the Life You Always Wanted…and that Life includes getting audiences psyched about an epic drunk journey…I dunno. I don’t want to say I’m sad. I don’t want to say I feel pity or that I’m somehow looking down my nose at this. This is a reality of Western culture. We own this. Rape culture isn’t cooked up by a few frat boys–it’s everywhere. But they really be blamed? They’re more sheep than the sheep. How do we really raise consciousness about this–I can’t help feeling that placards aren’t the best way to start the conversation.

Breaking long vlogs into chapters. Applause.

August 28, 2009

Though I can’t say these were the moments I would most want to fast-forward to, it was very nice that Charlie Hoehn’s video had notes breaking the 9-minute vlog into chapters. So did Ramit Sethi’s post on 5 myths of personal finance. Now if only it were a bit easier to USE those chapter breaks. This, to me, is one of the serious limitations of putting a long talking-head post online. WHO is going to watch it? I used to think pulling the audio was the only serious option: putting the sound in well-titled mp3 tracks. But I am really not so sure any more.

Mind Hacking

August 28, 2009

So my last post explained how following celebs on Twitter is not just about wanting to know what they ate for breakfast. You can learn about their relationships, and what they care about. In an ideal case, this inspires us to engage our own passions. It also makes it easier to Mind Hack. Charlie Hoehn’s vlog describes how to use Delicious to Mind Hack (essentially find out the MO of) the people you want to work with in the industry of your choice. The example Charlie gives is figuring out Ramit Sethi’s (author of best seller “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and blog of the same name) marketing strategy through his delicious account. So basically it’s some internet stalking with a not-too-creepy objective. Nonetheless, it may be a relief to those who don’t use such tools as delicious, that this information is not as readily available to all.

Celeb tweeters

August 28, 2009

I’m sort of intrigued by celebrities that share details of their daily lives and interests with the public. Some have their publicists do this “menial task,” but authenticity is the highest currency, thus the popularity of such tweeters as Ashton Kutcher, Demi MooreLance Armstrong, George StromboulopoulosWil Wheaton and Tony Hawk to name a few. Conan O’Brien suggests here that Twitter only feeds the public’s (and his, in the spoof) need to know what Said Celeb is eating for breakfast. But besides the humanizing effect of minutiae, knowing that celebrities have interests other than what’s projected by tabloids allows that person to speak for themselves. “What canst THOU say?” Maybe Bigstar McFamous’ real passion is for something besides what first gave them the limelight.

Yes, this also bolsters the public’s suspicion that famous people don’t actually love their Big Famous Lives, and would rather be Normal, thus reinforcing the merit of Our Normal Lives, but that’s another blog post altogether.

Following someone like Lance Armstrong, whose noble causes have millions wearing yellow bands around their wrists, allows you to see the interpersonal relations that support his work. When 6 year-old Pablo Castelaz passed away in June, Lance sent his wishes out to their parents, who are friends of his, from the Tour de France. This affirmation of Lance’s emotional connection to real families that have been affected by cancer makes his devotion to the cause not merely in self-interest or even pure altruism, but something that’s connected to many elements of his life and experience.

Fit for Freedom and easy rockstar vids

August 28, 2009

The FGC website shows a slideshow introduction/commercial for the book made using Animoto. It just takes your photos (you can upload, or share from flickr or another service) and you pick a song and it does the rest. I’m a little wary (being one who likes to think she’s in control…) but am waiting to see what it does with pics from my best friend’s wedding.

New job market?

August 28, 2009

I appreciate Charlie Hoehn’s sharing of his technique for getting a dream job. And I think it’s definitely true that you don’t learn anything in university about entering an industry you’re passionate about. But I can’t help feeling the particular advice he’s giving is more suited to those doing online marketing, where internet contact has great worth. Waitasec…internet contact has great worth in almost all industries, no? I can’t think of a single one where it isn’t important. Yaay. Watch and enjoy.

Era of post-racism, better race-conscious

August 28, 2009

A fellow Fit for Freedom facilitator shared with me with this article which includes the video below. Rinku Sen (executive director of the Applied Research Center, publisher of ColorLines, author of The Accidental American) expresses concern about using “post-racism” to suggest that we needn’t be concerned about racism any more. She asks that we strive instead for “race-consciousness” since we intuitively know that racial injustice, in particular systemic racism, continues to exist. It’s interesting how important it is that a descriptive term “feels right.” Post-racism feels like the task is over, but race-consciousness asks that we continue to seek wisdom, and increase our awareness.

Posed in time

August 25, 2009

leonine5, originally uploaded by Kate O’Brien Creative.

I’ve watched the entire first season of Mad Men in 3 days and there are so SO many details about…where feminism was coming from…about female sexuality…about cultivating desire and living a lie. As blogger Lagusta Yearwood puts it so succinctly:
-It’s about femnism
-It’s about nihilism
My favourite moments are the strange ones: when Betty confides to Don that she wants to take a picture of Sally crying her big tears. Or the way she starts sending Don messages that she knows he’s having an affair, via his peeping on her psychotherapy sessions (“Just you with that little pad of yours.”).
This picture seems to somehow illustrate the mannequin beauty, the way of quoting the classics, and of strange adornments. Plus it’s gorgeous.

Toronto’s tornado

August 21, 2009

Bruised sky, originally uploaded by ellie vator.

It’s been pretty neat to see pics come up on Facebook and elsewhere online of the tornado in Toronto. I’m in Kemptville, ON (near Ottawa) for another day but wow. That’s a surreal sky.

Tonight I’m hiding out in my room with two mattresses under the desks and since it’s going to rain I think Emily might stay instead of tenting. It has been nice to play fort.