So long salon

Last night I had about sixteen people visit over the period of the evening (including Marty and Jenn’s new baby Niko!!! He slept soundly as we sipped passionfruit soda). It was so wonderful to see old friends and new: from Kristin who I’ve known since I was in grade one, to Meghan who I met at the Faculty of Education just last year. Kelly and Tom (who came with his Lucy) from Quakers; Lina who I write with and we worked on a movie together, and her boyfriend Tyler, an artist; Lucy who I’ve loved since high school; Jason (who just finished this video for and Graham who were both drama majors with me at Etobicoke School for the Arts where I attended in grade 9; Jess and Christian from HotDocs documentary film festival and Sharon the nymphette from Australia. The lovely Rachel came early for the last few errands; she can always make me sane no matter how silly I get about primping and planning. We stood around in the kitchen till we got industrious and brought the table from the mud in the back yard to the patio, where recent construction left a huge pile of dirt. Sharon sat queen on a table atop the dirt pile, and we drew portraits of each other with pencil crayons and markers, which then hung in the tree. It was a magical goodbye, reassuring to see the way Toronto is full of webbed connections from my life’s alighting points. I so love to bring people together—I used to imagine having a salon, where people would just come together for revelry and be inspired and connect with people across the divides of science and art, business and charity, dance and thunder.


One Response to “So long salon”

  1. syber Says:

    What a lovely passage of writing – I hope you have some photos from the event? It was such a marvelous evening 🙂

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