Sadie helps me prepare

I’ve had several phone and instant-messenger conversations in preparation for my travel to the Middle East. Today I finally got to talk to Sadie, who was in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jordan and several other places in January 2008 with Christian Peacemaker Teams. It was great to be able to talk to someone about some of my anxieties about talking about the trip both before and after. I want both acquaintances and my close friends to know what I’m doing there but am not sure how to represent it. It’s a peace-building workshop, but I wonder how many people feel this might be mission work. Mennonite Central Committee, for those unfamiliar with peace churches, may only mean more opacity, more questions and assumptions. For my friends with whom I rarely talk about my faith and religious life, trying to describe how prayer and faith are part of this can be alienating. With open heart.


One Response to “Sadie helps me prepare”

  1. Sadie Says:

    Well done, Jaya. Always good to speak from the heart, even when it is full of uncertainty. Blessings for your travels.

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