Be a f*ing HUMAN!

I am overhearing a radio show playing in which the interviewer is asking the filmmaker, “Can you envision a Hollywood film where the central action is preoccupied with environmental themes?” I’m pretty sure he’s talking to John Long who wrote and directed “Sacred Planet”, but seriously people, how can we still be asking questions like this? Can you imagine a Hollywood so inhuman that environmental themes are systematically ignored? I guess so. How about a film in which the protagonist makes the environment a priority? A corporate bigwig who ACTUALLY gives a crap. Not because his tree-hugging daughter (the heart-warming tale) or attractive house-cleaner (the romance) suggest it to him but because he, autonomously and in full control of all faculties, actually cares. I’m reminded of Jon Stewart’s “Be a f*ing human” shtick…which I am apparently unable to locate online.


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