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December 5, 2008

I always thought I was going to go blind. Because I was born 100 years after Helen Keller and she had red hair. She: June 27, 1880; me: June 27, 1980. The Library of Congress just put up pictures of her. Wow

Helen Keller (LOC) by The Library of Congress.



December 3, 2008

I have been oscillating between options for this blog’s general content. I wanted it to be my first general-access blog, but I realize that my “inner blog voice” has often been one of disclosure and extreme emotional honesty. For me, extreme emotional honesty means truth of emotional landscape but not necessarily of all the small facts. Some inkling inside, a little suspicion, something that may not yet be fully formed, may come out much bolder than I feel permanently, but it was that way for the moment. I guess this is a sort of disclaimer, an affirmation of the element of fiction inevitable to all writing. Sometimes I will let myself blog in a way that is more extreme than my experience, or an intentional distortion in order to imagine a particular perspective. One of my first blog obsessions was for ravenface, who wrote an account of his visit to Toronto which had me as a cartoon dancing in a water fountain. Which was delicious. But never happened. This helped me see that blogs are a romp, and not actually the definitive account. I hope that’s okay. Love.