Hamster mouse dream

My roommate Molly had to put down a mouse recently, which is within the regular realm of events at the Mary Davis, however, we watched the “Hamster on a Piano” video right afterwards, and all was right in the world. Last night, on a couch in a student apartment in Greensboro, NC, I dreamt we had a teeny pet mouse who looked very similar to said hamster, and who loved nothing better than to run, run, run (really, really fast, and his little legs stuck straight out to either side when he jumped) and then burrow in a llittle corner, scrunching his eyes up and cozying down into a little area. He burrowed near a stuffed animal. We were sitting on a bed littered with Hallowe’en witch fingers (the green nailpolished kind with bloody nubbles) and the duvet was all scrunched up and the mouse was playing with my rat Sasha, may she rest in peace. They were wrestling about like little dogs, much like the three Boston terriers belonging to Jennifer, my host here in Greensboro.
neither hamster nor piano


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