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Moving in?

November 17, 2008

This is my old blog, which can only be seen if you’re on myspace; I wanted to start a more accessible blog.I will try here to avoid having too many embedded videos (so it doesn’t take a year to load each page), but hey, if this makes you half as happy as it did me, then it’s worth it, right?


Hamster mouse dream

November 14, 2008

My roommate Molly had to put down a mouse recently, which is within the regular realm of events at the Mary Davis, however, we watched the “Hamster on a Piano” video right afterwards, and all was right in the world. Last night, on a couch in a student apartment in Greensboro, NC, I dreamt we had a teeny pet mouse who looked very similar to said hamster, and who loved nothing better than to run, run, run (really, really fast, and his little legs stuck straight out to either side when he jumped) and then burrow in a llittle corner, scrunching his eyes up and cozying down into a little area. He burrowed near a stuffed animal. We were sitting on a bed littered with Hallowe’en witch fingers (the green nailpolished kind with bloody nubbles) and the duvet was all scrunched up and the mouse was playing with my rat Sasha, may she rest in peace. They were wrestling about like little dogs, much like the three Boston terriers belonging to Jennifer, my host here in Greensboro.
neither hamster nor piano

A Vespa is the right speed for a county

November 1, 2008

I had been getting pissy about missing a Real Toronto Hallowe’en—it’s the newlywed Scott’s birthday and I’ve never been to one of their big parties, but since I was at his wedding to Antonia I thought, “Maybe this will be the year.” Everyone was unavailable for the weekend (therefore my means to get around, and the company with which it would be enjoyable), either at home or on duty. So I was very restless—bouncing off the walls you might say—and all the people on duty at the office were people I’m comfortable whining to so I was all, “C’mon, it’s my one night OFF! What do I DOOO!?? I have no caaAARr dangit. It’s Hallo-frickin’-WEEN!”

I was gonna bike into town because supposedly something was happening in the main park. Then I ran into Matt Perry, the teacher that is most off-the-wall and, I think, most like me. He said he’d be into going to see a movie, but the only one showing at 8 was “Max Payne”, a shoot-‘em-up revenge flick, and he has a Vespa, so it was gonna b a long cold ride (40 minutes?). But we went! Quel bonne aventure! I wore my red leather jacket with the woven big scarf and put my silk long undies on. Man. It’s the perfect speed. Y’know how bicycling is the perfect speed to explore a new neighborhood? Vespa is the perfect speed to explore a new county. I saw deer grazing by the side of the road! I never would have noticed that in a car. You can almost look straight into each house as you pass by. But man was it cold. Even though the air was mild—almost warm—your knees get mcfreezy, and any naked skin stings with cold. Matt didn’t wear a scarf so I valiantly gave mine up for the ride home since I got to be behind his body. It’s a lot warmer than taking the full beating of the night air on your chest. I’m going to buy that boy some leather gloves, though. Wool! In the wind?? What are these Americans thinking??