Improv Everywhere

Very delighted to learn of Improv Everywhere, NYC-based large-scale performance, often spontaneous, often with audio mp3 (everyone synchronizes tracks and listens to instructions). Best is Grand Central Station freeze, the mp3 tracks
Three: four seasons join up for face-off in Central Park and Steve-worship.

MP3 Four was at a NYC park and had the sort of assemblage I think fondly of as belonging to the Coca-Cola commercial where (in Italy?) they make a helicopter-viewable bottle of Coke pour into a glass.
The DIY page leaves something to be desired, I’m not even sure which prank it’s for, but involves renting a theatre. And the document(s) to download aren’t there. Yaay Error 404.
Unfortunately, the redheads protest Wendy’s was pretty lame, and this coming from a redhead.

50 redheads on a subway car was better–especially with the sunscreen stunt. I often feel a bit performative whenever I share space with more than three other redheads, and it happens unexpectedly from time to time. More than 15 years ago with Richard Read-Parry and Evelyn we were 5 redheads at summer camp and did a skit.
Shirtless at Abercrombie & Fitch amusing.
A fellow named Justin Beach apparently started the Toronto chapter, but from the look of things, there were two freeze pranks in close succession, with too many participants and too much coverage (??), so I don’t know what the state of the Toronto chapter is. The CBC report is a bit patronizing, and maybe the ‘tude wasn’t quite right. Too bad.
Trafalgar Square in London‘s freeze.


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