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hot vids and ensuing guilt

January 25, 2008

my darling brother’s girlfriend nicolle started a blog that is full of fun stuff. some of it real hot sexy shit. and i return to the idea of…i dunno even what idea i mean…that girls are the worst misogynists? so there must be something wrong with the terms we’re using? am i less feminist bc i think bootie shorts are HOT? i imagine a mini-short film:
wide shot: girl runs into university library lobby screaming “will pop-culture PLEASE stop turning me so LESBIAN??” and throws herself on the bulletin board where EVERYTHING is advertised with sex. and when i say sex i mean hot ladies with lil’ clothing. EVERYTHING. then maybe cut to about a ZILLION shots of hot ladies selling everything. we are so INUNDATED. so what do i do with my relative enjoyment of this? and my resulting dissatisfaction with the 7-15 lbs. i’d like to drop?
here’s a hot video:


Still Gondry–with McCartney

January 19, 2008

I wasn’t terribly enamoured the first time I saw Gondry’s “Dance Tonight” video for Paul McCartney, but I’ve thought of it a lot lately. Sweet darling Portman Pixie dancing about and pulling old Paul into her packaging, feet falling into her box. I’ll let you understand that by perusing the vid: