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December 31, 2007

i guess other people write about music videos. some of those videos are disgusting.


I (heart) Misha Glouberman

December 20, 2007

On the thread of Public Space/Unwitting Audiences/Loving Toronto, I thought I’d profile, in his own words, the fabulous Misha Glouberman. He’s been profiled in two of my favourite places to find Toronto cultural events: The Red Letterfrom Girl Can Create, as well as the newsletter from The Theatre Centre. His own words put it real nice:

From Misha Glouberman:

I host and run the Trampoline Hall Lectures. I have taught many classes, largely on unuseful subjects, to many people. I claim to be Canada’s foremost Charades instructor, a claim which goes unchallenged. I have recently taught classes in John Zorn’s game piece Cobra, and presesented an all-night series of participatory vocal improvisations at Nuit Blanche.