Lions, crocs and buffalo, oh my! Thrill of the chase

I know “something compelling” doesn’t quite capture what animal movement does, how it makes me/us feel, but here it is again. In some ways, it’s just the same old action-flick stuff: you want to see a chase, someone working for their goal against all the odds, you want to root for the underdog. These are the same reasons we’re drawn to classic stories and narratives. But what I’m more interested in is the audience reaction. I guess I’m like Amélie that way–you turn around at the theatre and watch how people are taking in this information, this struggle. And here it’s the same thing as with the otters holding hands, there’s this very true wonderment. Even though their words are sort of stupid and annoying (“Carol, lookit! Lookit that!”) they’re so genuine and in awe of the situation and the fact they’re having a live witness of this natural order, this social behaviour at work when the stakes are very high–life and death, indeed.

I love the ripple through the buffalo herd as they’re deciding to overtake the lions, and the way the buffalo attack is almost pathetic, with what look like teddy bear paws hugging the buffalo’s neck. The shape of things, although it’s not professional footage in the least, gives you such a good idea of how important these struggles are, and how awake the animals are to their task.


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