Otters and wobbly heads

Not worth embedding, but there is something compelling about animal movement. I know, I know, stop the presses. But still, I was so struck when I first got the pandacam dashboard widget at how affecting it is to watch animals go about their day. I had a moment (I know, stop rolling your eyes) when it was like: brainwave! Animals are SO ZEN! It came together for me that yoga poses are often named after animals, and without (again! will I ever learn?) doing any research, I imagine that these poses were created through animal observation. It was when the pandas were just…being pandas that I had the naive fantasy of “I wish I was a panda. Y’know, just, being a panda.” But then I thought “I could just be a human. Just be in the moment, and still be human, without anxiety, anger, attachment.” Which I guess it pretty Zen-yoga-tastic, no? So that’s my excuse to impart the massively viewed Otters Holding Hands video (6,720,126 views at last count, compared to the mere 6,532 of this embarrassing remix with music and sunset).

I like the song, but the animation sort of bores/annoys me. Still, this Peter, Bjorn & John video does have a certain appeal: a simple concept, still evocative, still contemporary feeling (with massive retro styling, nonetheless), but very simple wobble-head concept. I’d like to know how this type of animation is done (c’mon Jaya, do your reading!)–do you think it’s very manual? Like they just wobble the graphic on the computer? Or even more so? Hand-done? Seems impossible…


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