Simulated Movement

One of the Physical Theatre-related ideas I’ve long been interested in is the idea of simulated movement in computer games and CG, but also the (urg, correct my terminology if I’m off here) algorithms of human movement. Things that appear in Aesthetic Theory as well, like that we can spot perfect symmetry easily (i.e. a simulated image stands out because it’s too perfect). But the same goes for movement. Computer images appear false in part because they are too precise, because they calculate for every minute part of the movement and place it along a certain line of logic, but when you examine human movement it’s not that perfect, there are little anomalous moments in the way that we move that are difficult to isolate. I just wanted to log here a film that spoke to these qualities in a unique context: Marc de Guerre’s “A Perfect Fake.”

It Showed at HotDocs in 2005 and they had this short review online: Enter the strange and disturbing world of men who reject women to share their lives with life-sized “love dolls.” The new world of virtual pornography merges with the age-old fascination with inanimate replicas in this intelligent, fascinating look at the mutation of desire.


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