OK Go Preliminary Research

This is what I get for not poking around a little before posting. I guess the 17M+ viewers should have been a slight indicator. Nay, I never would have guessed they are so committed to The Dance Video! I love it!
Here you can see them rehearse in the back yard, here you can see their videos on an MTV site, in their news we learn they were (almost) on Jay Leno two nights in a row, they won the youtube awards (who knew there was such a thing?), and opened a SoHo Apple store in March, the video of which will be available on iTunes. They even have a game. Now, again, I am speaking before checking out my sources, but would it seem to anyone else that a band is a ZILLION times more blessed if they are able to youtube, have a website with an online community, update Top Ten OK Go Forum Contributors, create graphics, logos and merch? Seriously, it’s too sad that drummers aren’t always auditioned with a CV for online promotions skills too (I did not just say that).


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