Beirut “Elephant Gun”

This* borrows more directly from a modern dance tradition but I just LOVE the filmic things that are a stage impossibility like pulling down a wall to the ocean. I will always have a soft spot for men who thrash and punch at their chests, I guess it’s just the Jane in me. Then things like pushing the camera through lines of cloth, that make up waves, and showing the cloth being unfurled! It’s both behind-the-scenes AND intensifying the illusion AND impossible (have you ever been on a set when they so unromantically have to do such a shot? Lots of easily-tripped crew pushing dancers away away away real rough almost). Sexiest moment is of course when the lady is almost stumbling towards you, and then you widen to see she is riding two men’s backs! Quel horreur!

Quel…there just aren’t words

*I’ve decided to, when I remember, include both the link and embedded video. I’ll mark the link w/asterisk if it’s the same as the embedded video so you don’t double your pleasure without wanting to.


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