Always Friday

What dance can do? Save the world! Because it makes you so happy! And makes you believe in the Goodness of Everything! A friend posted this to my Vanity Myspace and it just made me tickle with happiness! I showed it to a couple friends (Jon notoriously resists getting excited about exuberantly-presented interests) and they were a-hoppin’! What I love about this video is that these guys don’t appear to be professional dancers. They may be musicians, may have some theatre training or somesuch, but the *bliss* in watching them is that their simple moves are exuberant! They’re “into it.” They may not technically be “dancing like nobody’s watching” but the level of enjoyment is on par. I also love that it’s been so frequently viewed (at posting time it said here 17,380,254 had viewed it!). So let’s be happy!


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