Blind eyes

Okay, the next tidbit I really want to find to post here is the projection that I saw at the Bjork concert on Toronto Island several summers ago. It was this incredible animation that shifted your whole perception of scale. You’d be watching what you think are just stars, then you zoom in to see that they’re actually what look like manatees or some unearthly swimming creature. But the motion is so distinct, the way they swim is so unlike any other creature. And there’s something that happens, something that is so pleasing to watch things move like that…”naturally.” But these were invented images. Still, they referenced movement that is familiar, and were tehreby calming. This iTunes vizualizer (I’m not sure that’s actually what it is, but that’s what they sort of call it) reminds me of the projections at the Bjork concert. It was so beautiful…mystical even. It’s so amazing the way something so abstract can actually change the way you think about the world (I know, I know, what a revolutionary idea. I guess that’s the whole idea of abstract art…). Where does one study and create such things? Is this studied in psychology faculties? Dance and film? Advertising and graphic design? All of the above? Where are the words for what these things can do to your mind? What are the rules for how it works?

I titled this entry “Blind Eyes” because I am also reminded of the kids I worked with when I was a classroom volunteer for a class of blind children when I was in junior highschool. The kids would close their eyes and push on their eyelids. Although their eyes couldn’t receive light and data from the surrounding world, their eye nerves could take physical stimulation and would let them “see” the same thing we see when we push on our closed eyes: stars.


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