Feist “Mushaboom” video

Again with the Björk-ness. I really wouldn’t be surprised if this Amherst, Nova Scotia gal used the same people…although “It’s Oh So Quiet” was directed by Spike Jonze so I guess that makes it pretty much the original. Here are some limited credits for “Mushaboom.” When the heck is IMDB, or some equally competent resource, going to start getting full citations for music videos??

I didn’t mean to have such a blip of Feist-mania, but her videos embody several things I wish most for My Definition of Physical Theatre:
i) Accessible Content: the average person “gets” what it’s “about” (easier than most choreography because the video is simply illustrative of the lyrics)
ii) Accessible Medium: youtube, tv, internet in general (i.e. not just in a theatre)
iii) Accessible Expression: the filmic-ness of it is plain. i.e. there aren’t long interpretive bits. Sure, the toast flies out the window, she goes down the street on a horse, she’s having a rivalry with Peaches who is sorta like the devil in what appears to be a Mexican street festival (but that could be the lousy youtube resolution), but none of this requires a major “leap” in logic/critical interpretation (I’m talkin’ Matthew Barney Cremaster Cycle 5-part feature film taking place in vaseline on a boat kinda thing. But we forgive him because he empregnated Björk so he must be good)
iv) Accessible Movement: yes, these are professional dancers. But something QUITE similar COULD use the average person. And that’s a beautiful thing. Part of making dance (ahem, physical theatre) more accessible is the sing-along-ability of it. I mean, we have all hummed along even to Enigma’s “Return to Innocence,” so there’s gotta be some room to, yeah, move…

I hadn’t meant those all to start with “Accessible”–but it’s a good place to start!

After posting the above I’ve discovered Patrick Daughters did “Mushaboom,” “My Moon, My Man” AND “1234”, which I was considering posting (it is most explicitly dance-y).


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