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The Initial Letter

March 9, 2007

I am going to include the introduction to this blog that I sent to four friends. One with whom I write, and whose projects have moved along steadily, if tentatively, for all the years I have known her. She is Laura and I wanted to include her because we together have sought small chapters to advance the stories of our artistic journeys. Benson because he has pushed me to move along with this idea since we first met. Amanda because she described to me her experiences working with the deafblind, about which I will post later. And because much of this powerplay I experienced with her from a young age. And Zach because he has opened me up to the sharpness of these relationships, and the safeness of being held loosely.

Laura, Benson, Amanda and Zach,

I have told you each small parts of this story: that I want to work on physical theatre in toronto. Unlike so many other of my projects, it is happening steadily in small bites. I meet someone, I learn a small detail, I create a small thing, I write, I seek collaborators…
I still haven’t “opened the door” as it were. I haven’t incorporated, or staged a full show, shouted it from the rooftops or applied for the MFA or Lecoq school that I suspect will be major pieces of the advancement of this project.

But I did start a myspace. A small thing, a little space to start talking in the way that I hope. I am building it slowly. No mission statement, no pics yet, and no friends even, just two entries on the blog, and one of them is an article I lifted from the NY Times (so you have to be friends to read it–I didn’t want to get harassed for having posted copyright material). It is I want the blog to express how I came to physical theatre, what it means to me, how I define it. On a personal level, as well as (less personal than this entry) reviews of shows. I want to develop my ability to talk about dance and creative movement, to express those ineffable moments that have been so formative to me.

I want to make the myspace a hub of some kind. If I had programming experience I could make something that is more specific to its purpose, but myspace is a good place in some ways, and the blog is already set up (though I can’t even figure out how to create cuts so the long entries don’t take up about a mile of space). In time, and after the Town Hall style meeting I envision meeting with phys. theatre performers, directors etc., I hope to link to dozens of dance co.s in toronto and abroad…this myspace is part of clearing the area to imagine that.

So…enough with utopian visioning. I am sharing with you my review/response to seeing the national ballet’s taming of the shrew. it’s a very personal entry, and since it’s one of only two that are up on the blog ( I’m not driven to invite many people to it. But you have been supportive, and you are related to this journey directly or indirectly. So thank you.